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      We live in troubling times… C19, political upheaval, wars, social distress, terrorists (bit quiet at mo) and every generation seeks a voice for civil liberty and social reform.

      Was George Floyd a victim of overzealous restraint or was it a calculated desired murder? Certainly there was a disregard for George’s wellbeing… The accused – Derek Chauvin faces a hearing today to decide his innocence or guilt and ultimate fate.

      The world was traumatised by the graphic images showing the death of George Floyd at the hands of US cops, but his memory is blighted by the anarchy and arson sweeping through American streets right now. Civil rights do not condone reciprocal violence or the destruction of public and private property. The public lust for mayhem brought on by anger and frustration have sullied any message of hope… Looters and firestarters are exploiters and anarchists… they are destroying the fabric of society and they too- need to be brought to account…

      George’s death has highlighted the segregation and sad distance between folk in America today. Race-hate is a disease of the mind and soul.

      There have been many law enforcement agencies desperate to show their compassion- and to those good cops, we bow in thanks. The evil swine need to be weeded out though… and punished. For they have broken a sacred trust… their uniforms are supposed to reflect honour and decency. Their raison d’être… to SERVE AND PROTECT…

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